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Chicago’s West Loop’s Oldest Restaurant

The Palace Grill restaurant has been serving good food at affordable prices for 75 years. It has not always been called The Palace Grill; in fact, it is not even clear which month the DeMars Grill (originally named) opened in 1938. The name of the restaurant later changed to the Palace Grill in the 50’s. In 1955, however, George Lemperis’ father Pete and his cousins Gus and Mike Alpoganis purchased the restaurant, and it has been a thriving family business since. George Lemperis has owned and managed the Palace Grill for 35 years. He has a large passion for life and the family business. George warmly greets customers by name as they enter his establishment and has created everlasting friendships with many of his clientele. In 2012, George’s daughter, Christina, joined the Palace Grill team to carried on the family tradition.

You never know who is going to stop by

The Palace Grill is a classic diner with stainless steel counters and tables, welcoming customers from all walks of life, and you just never know who is going to stop in. The restaurant has famously been visited by Oprah Winfrey, Mayor Daley, Al and Tipper Gore, the Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, countless TV/radio personalities and of course everyone’s favorite- the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks regularly pick up egg sandwiches aka “heart stoppers” before practice, and they have brought the Stanley Cup to the restaurant numerous times.

Passed on from one generation to the next and the next, the Palace Grill has a warm atmosphere to enjoy a hearty meal. The restaurant is known best for breakfast food, such as the Denver Omelette and Hash Browns or Skirt Steak and Eggs. Throughout the years the Palace Grill has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Windy City Live, the Sandwich King, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Chicago’s Best. The high praises come from hardworking Chicagoans and foodies alike: Sun Times food critic Pat Bruno recently voted the Palace Grill as the best breakfast restaurant in Chicago.

The restaurant’s legacy transcends even George’s outsized personality: 2013 marks the restaurants 75th anniversary. In celebration of its anniversary, “The Palace,” as its affectionately called by its regular customers, planned a customer appreciation party to celebrate the past, present, and future on July 27th. This was their way of giving back to the amazing customers who have supported the business throughout the years. The restaurant can honestly boast that they have the best customers in the city of Chicago. The Palace Grill is extremely proud of the past 75 years and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them!

FREE PARKING: Our patrons enjoy free off-street parking behind the restaurant!

We are always open Blackhawks home game nights, so stop in before for some pregame food and drinks!

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